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Who Wants to Make a Game Show?

It's easy to make a quiz game for training, classroom or presentations!

Game Show presentation uses your questionsThere's no easier, better way to make your own presentation game show than with Game Show Presenter software. Whether you want to educate or entertain, this flexible tool saves you time and produces great results. Just write your own game show questions using the built-in editor, customize a few settings, and you're ready!

If your goal is to educate or inform, then chances are you've faced your share of yawners, clock-watchers and gadget fiddlers. You can change that! A game show review will snap them to attention. It gives people a way to recall and use information, which improves retention and boosts participation!

It's amazing how this works on any topic — even the dry ones. It helps people learn your topic because the questions in the game show are exactly the information you want people to know. But with Game Show Presenter, your questions are wrapped in a fun and challenging game! So what may have been sleep-inducing information is now a lively, TV quiz show. People love it! And so do thousands of trainers, teachers and presenters who use this software for meetings, classes and events.

"I use your software to prepare students for midterms and final exams and it is very effective." — Ted C. (College instructor)

And if Game Show Presenter can make policy and class reviews fun, just think what it can do for your trivia night or any other social or public event! That's why this software is used beyond the training and education fields — it's also a favorite with entertainers who host trivia nights and special events.

How does game show software work?

First, you choose one of several game show formats you want to use...

Then you add your questions and answers to your game and give your game a title. Choose a few options, such as the number of players. And it's ready to present! Game Show Presenter provides the music, flashy graphics and automatic scorekeeping. People perk right up when your game pops on your presentation screen. It works great for any topic, especially ones like HR policies, compliance reviews, safety regulations, pre-test chapter reviews and orientation meetings.

How does it help people focus and learn?

  • By presenting your topic in a stimulating format to keep people engaged
  • By rewarding attention with a playful payoff
  • By challenging people with an immediate way to recall, think and put information to use
  • By adding emotion to information, whether it's the pride of showing what you know or the sting of giving a wrong answer. Emotion makes strong memories that lock in learning.

    Why it works and who uses it

    People pay attention to fun. Game Show Presenter puts that powerful fact to work for you. It's a flexible solution that you can use for assessments, reviews, ice-breakers or entire presentations. It works in business for compliance testing and policy reviews. Educators use it in medical schools, nursing classes, vocational training and employee education. It works with serious topics like hospice training or mind-numbing technical subjects. And it's great as an ice-breaker or special event in social gathering and as a team-building activity. Game Show Presenter works in all these situations.

    "I was blown away by how easy it was to create an engaging and truly entertaining quiz show segment for my audience." — Laura (Consultant)

    It's easy and fast

    Game Show Presenter makes it easy and quick to make a game-show style presentation. All you do is write your questions and choose some options for the game show. The software provides the music, animation, graphics, score keeping and all the rest. You'll love how easy it is. And the best part is how it helps you be more effective as a trainer, teacher or presenter. For example, you can set the game show to pause after each question is answered. That gives you as much time as you need for in-class discussion right in the middle of the game. So the focus is on learning.

    "It is so easy to use. In just a few hours I had three games set up... Employees actually learn while having fun." — Chuck (Safety trainer)

    Will your next presentation be a hit?

    Would you like people's undivided attention? Game Show Presenter can help you get it. Turn a room full of sleepy faces into engaged and motivated participants. There are two versions to choose from: the Game Show Presenter Bronze is just $49 and includes three game formats, and the Game Show Presenter GOLD Level is $99 and has many pro features.


    Get Game Show Presenter for Your Next Event!

    Game Show presentation uses your questionsGame Show Presenter from Bodine Training Games is a tool that will transform your presentation, training event or classroom in great ways! For as little as $49 (US), you can greatly increase your effectiveness with trainees, students and audiences.

    With Game Show Presenter, you can:

    • Create Training Games in Minutes Create compelling presentations that help people pay attention and learn by putting your quiz or review points into a TV-style quiz show.
    • Hold Their Full Attention Game Show Presenter adds music, animation, and graphics that stimulate and reward people for paying attention and participating. It works great even for dry or technical topics!
    • Motivate your Trainees with Competitive Games presented as a fun game show experience. The software has automatic scoring for players or teams.
    • Maximize Your Impact Your trainees, students or audience will learn more, making you more effective and appreciated. And everyone will have fun in the process of learning! This software is an essential presentation tool.

    We back up our software with great tech support and a money-back guarantee! If you are not satisfied with the software within 30 days of making your purchase, just let us know and we'll issue a prompt and courteous refund. But, if you are like our thousands of other happy customers, you'll be thrilled with the results you see with increased attention, participation, learning and retention. So score a big win in the battle for attention... Order now!

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    Questions about the software or purchasing?: Please contact us
    System requirements for Game Show Presenter:

    PC game showWindows XP to 10, 50 MB disk space.

    Mac game showMacintoshOSX 10.6 or later, 50 MB disk space.

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